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"Dr. Doohickey and the Mad Science Scrambler" -- 130 lines, $65 (Polychrome Heroics)
I went with the idea of a wheelchair superhero. Gee, it sucks when your minions have told you that your nemesis is dead, and whoops, there he is to foil your plans again! And not as helpless as he looks at first glance. "Dr. Doohickey and the Mad Science Scrambler" is written in free verse.

"Equal and Opposite" -- 26 lines, $15 (Schrodinger's Heroes)
I couldn't resist the chance to introduce a feline villain. "Equal and Opposite" is a free-verse poem about evil!Schrodinger.

"Heroes in Humble Feathers" -- 41 lines, $20 (Fledgling Grace)
A prompt from [personal profile] chanter_greenie gave me the title, "Heroes in Humble Feathers," for a free-verse poem about everyday folks who do quietly heroic things. This poem belongs to the Fledgling Grace series.

"The Lotus Warriors" -- 114 lines, $57
A backchannel prompt from [personal profile] chordatesrock inspired the free-verse poem "The Lotus Warriors." A woman with chronic fatigue discovers how to save the world from invading robots.

"Nailed, Screwed, and Trued" -- 53 lines, $20
A prompt from [personal profile] chordatesrock about hammers and nails inspired the free-verse poem "Nailed, Screwed, and Trued." It's actually not as rude as it sounds, being a poem about a superhera who retires from the field to make an effort at organizing other superheroes so as to match problems with appropriate powers.

"Nothing Is So Strong" -- 36 lines, $15
Your prompt inspired the free-verse poem "Nothing Is So Strong." Sometimes heroism lies not in power, but in gentleness.

"A Single Spark" -- 90 lines, $45 (One God's Story of Mid-Life Crisis)
From your prompt about Shaeth came the free-verse poem "A Single Spark." Shaeth inadvertently stops an arsonist from escaping, and then has little idea what to do with the sobbing grateful girl in pursuit.

"Sort of Heroes" -- 86 lines, $43 (Sort Of Heroes)
From your prompt about Nib and Brod, I got the free-verse poem "Sort of Heroes," which I've had in mind for a long time. It covers our heroes dealing with the bandits in the Brackenwood.

"Through the Haze" -- 130 lines, $65 (Polychrome Heroics)
This turned into the free-verse poem "Through the Haze," introducing the other three members of the Damask collective. There's a knife-fighting class, a minor injury, and a hazing incident that turns into a rescue. As you so aptly pointed out, not all acts of heroism require superpowers.

"Tikkun Olum" -- 78 lines, $39 (Walking the Beat)
"Tikkun Olam" is about Dale and Kelly meeting folks outside a relatively new synagogue, and finding some common ground. It's a sequel to "A Different Beat," inspired by a comment from [personal profile] thnidu.

"Victor(ia) Frankenstein" -- 125 lines, $62.50
I couldn't resist the idea of genderbending Frankenstein just a bit. So "Victor(ia) Frankenstein" is about how, if the family you grew up with sucks, sometimes you really can make your own. In more ways than one. This is written in free verse.

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