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05 March 2013 @ 01:22 pm
Poetry fishbowl - houses and homes  
It's the first Tuesday, which means poetry fishbowl at Ysabet's.

Today's theme is "houses and homes." I'll be soliciting ideas for houses, other structures that people live in, traditional types of dwellings such as roundhouses, landmark homes of famous people, exotic types of shelter, architects, construction workers, people who live in houses, homeless people, travelers who take their lodgings with them, events that typically happen inside houses, things that happen to houses, changes a home experiences over time, objects commonly found in homes, things one really wouldn't expect to find in a house, and poetic forms in particular.

Some of my prompts were:

Luxury log homes: http://images.search.yahoo.com/search/images?_adv_prop=image&fr=goodsearch-yhsif&va=luxury+log+homes

I've always wanted a round tower on my dream house

"Home, home on LaGrange"
~M~je_reviens on March 7th, 2013 06:09 pm (UTC)
When I was in college I joined Delta in a large part bc of the fantastic Victorian house (as well as the people - it was a fraternity but it was coed).

My BF lived in the house and he had his own bathroom -- in the tower! It was round and the room was painted a deep wine purple!

I was sad when he graduated and left. But I was happy 2 years later when *I* got to live in the room with the round bathroom in the tower!