Janet Miles, CAP-OM (janetmiles) wrote,
Janet Miles, CAP-OM

99% Spring notes

* Help each other stay on track
* Be respectful
* One person speaks at a time
* Step up, step back
* Mute phones
* Be concise
* Be goal focused
* Minimize complaining and focus on solutions
* Speak clearly, state name, speak up

Check out the99spring.com

"Rosa Parks wasn't tired -- she was trained" -- at Highlander Center

Check out 350.org

99% struggles
* Education
* Inequality
* Job loss
* Debt
* Housing
* Retirement
* Health care
* Pollution
* Attacks on immigrants

Create our story
* Who are we
* What do we face
* What do we hope for
* We are the 99%. We are coming together to write a new story.

My story
Maybe I'm not part of the 99%? I have a steady job with good pay and benefits, and my husband has a steady union job with good pay and benefits. We have some money in savings. But I work for the university and I see tuition going up as state funding drops because our legislators have lost sight of what "public land grand institution" means. I see my colleagues -- full-time, long-term employees -- struggle with their bills; I see them give up their health insurance because they can't afford the premiums; and then I see administrators getting raises that are more than some employees make in a year. I believe these things are wrong, and I want to work to change them.

* Disparity of income, opportunity, resources
* Communal - equal humanity of all
* Systematic / systemic issues
* Wrong trajectory

Our stories
We are Oak Ridgers and East Tennesseans, public employees, of different generations, parents and grandparents, citizens, taxpayers.

We are struggling with broken / corrupt health care system, profits over people, destruction of expectations, endless war, economic genocide, poverty and lack of living wage, housing, erosion of opportunity, diversion and privatization of Social Security, prejudice against the poor.

We want a different future where
* I can go to school and not be in debt
* everyone has a fair chance
* people can work with dignity in a safe environment
* we don't have to fear the future
* people control the government
* civil rights are restored
* corporations are depersonalized
* money isn't speech
* people make laws, not corporations
* the air and water are clean
* there is collective liberation
* there is sustainability
* voices are greater than dollars
* there is no racism
* people stop worshiping guns
* we make decisions about our own bodies
* we don't have to be millionaires to run for office
* animals have rights
* there is solidarity and unity
* everyone has clean food
* healthcare is a right

Movie: _Heist: Who Stole the American Dream_

Choices and power
* 1930s FDIC, SEC, Glass Steagall
* 1970s OSHA, EPA
* 1971 Lewis Powell "Attack on American Free Enterprise System" with end game corporate control of law and politics
* 1980s Reagonomics dismantled the New Deal and the labor movement
- offshoring not just manufacturing but also services
- deregulation of finance allowing commercial banks to speculate like investment banks
- two kinds of power: organized money and organized people

Common good vs. zero sum game

How do you feel about the movie? Learned a lot, parallels to "While England Slept"

What stood out?
* Grass roots blame Republicans, but there were bad actors on both sides.
* What is relationship between local Chambers of Commerce and the US Chamber of Commerce?
* Regulation for the common good
* Powell manifesto
* Campaign bribery system
* Class warfare

What can we do?
* Restore Glass Steagall (see the movie _Thrive_)

How can we educate people who vote against their own self-interest?

US Chamber of Commerce

Powell manifesto

Campaign bribery system

Class warfare

Where is the money?

How are the 1% actually colluding?

This is bigger than just the USA. Bilderburg Group. Book _Who Rules America_

Something about diversity (or lack thereof?) of current movement, need for solidarity

What was missing? What can we do with / about it? Restore the systems and institutions that are being crippled

Economy for the 100%: opportunity, democracy, equality (or equity?), care, community, fair market

Book or movie _The Prophetic Imagination_

Something about language being changed so we can't talk about the issues

Values for economy: patience, fairness, interdependence, informed consent, compassion, sustainability, community, empowerment, true democracy, equality, truth true productivity, preservation of the commons, tangible, justice, rule of law, transparency, responsibility, easily defined terms, quality education for all, join action, health care for all, peace

Ideal Community
* Where would we keep our money
* Where would we create businesses
* What would be built and where
* How would people work; what would they do
* What would people eat
* Where would they get their food
* How would we travel
* Where would we get our energy
* Where would we live
* How would we care for our families
* How would we create our community

* mindfulness
* Fair taxes for public services
* Single payer health care not health "insurance"
* Belief in physical fitness -- dual purpose, people power, mass transit vs. personal transit, scalability
* Mixed use neighborhoods
* Emphasis community not individualism and ecology not separation
* Emphasis cooperatives and clearinghouses, not corporations
* Outlaw (charging) interest; forces false growth [Note: I disagree with this, but could agree with reasonable laws about how much interest could be charged]

NVDA (Non Violent Direct Action) - coming together to disrupt or disobey
Civil Disobedience - refusal to obey unjust laws or orders

Vision, Goal, Strategy, and Tactics Rooted in Real Power

Vision - change that will make a difference
Goal - specifics
Strategy - how to get there, who or what you can influence, who or what can be allies
Power - "the only thing more powerful than fear is hope"
Tactics - every dollar is a vote, Montgomery bus boycott, must be concentrated not diffused

Non-violent power
1. Protest - work within the system with evidence or against the system; must do the homework
2. Non-cooperation with evil
3. Intervention - the Arthur Dent tactic
4. Creative solutions, humor

United Farm Workers, Southern Tenant Farmers Association, 1919 Elaine AR race riots

Who has the resources (land, money)?

How does the power from the workers change the power held by the resources?


Something about the New Deal, 60 acres (of swampland) and a mule, but only for white families

Moral - don't accept the crumbs

Barriers to NVDA
* Fear
* Lack of time
* Reluctance to break the law
* fear of retaliation
* apathy
* confusion
* media distortion
* education
* lack of organizing
* targeted laws
* lack of support

* Fear - legal advice, support system, education about legal rights
* Lack of time - efficiency, better scheduling, targeted efforts, focus
* fear of retaliation - solidarity, employee rights, community support, lead by example
* confusion - SMART goals, education, focus, planning
* media distortion - independent media, education, social media, citizen journalism
* targeted laws - challenge in court and in public, civil disobedience, find loopholes, citizen lobbyists
* burnout - share the load, attainable goals, do what is right regardless of the outcome, recognize small intermediate victories, accept long-term effort
* cultural / religious restrictions - personal conversations, leading by example, books _The Storm Before the Calm_ and _The Assault on Reason_, find common ground

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