Janet Miles, CAP-OM (janetmiles) wrote,
Janet Miles, CAP-OM

Seeking a game name

Edited to add:

1. First seen earlier this year (February 2012) but that doesn't say anything about release date.

2. Home game, not arcade.

3. Apparently not made by Hasbro.

D: The physical component of the game sits on the floor, and consists of 5 different colored foot switches, 4 of which are connected to the central switch such that the form a 'plus sign', or a cross. Each switch is numbered, from 1 through 5, in addition to being of a unique color. The game gives verbal directions to each player, in turn, telling them which switch to step on. In round 1, it's pretty simple: "Blue...green...yellow...blue...red...orange...green...GREAT JOB! Your time was x seconds." [more]

me: I remember an arcade game like that -- name was something like "Simon" I think.

D: Player with best (lowest) time each round gets a point. Progressive rounds get more complicated, in that the 'voice' will code-switch from colors to numbers, mixing the two up at random; request 'double-jumps' on certain switches; ask for 'compound numbers' (i.e., 51) in which the two switches will have to be hit in sequence; call "reverse", which means to hit the switch you'd hit before the last one called; call out math problems: "3+2"; "double jump 6-1; etc.

me: Wow. Okay, that'll be interesting to try to find.

D: "Simon" is a completely different game, based on memory rather than dexterity and simply following instructions. It consists of four illuminated switches, and the idea is to repeat the complete pattern, which is extended by one more note/switch with each turn. So the first turn it might light "red", which means that's what that player has to press. The second turn could be "red, blue", which then have to be pushed in that sequence. As long as all players repeat the complete sequence correctly, it keeps getting longer and longer.

D: This foot-stomping game gives one instruction at a time, and does not progress to the next one until that instruction has been successfully completed, with the timer running the entire time.

ETA 27 August -- game found. It's the Wild Planet Hyper Jump, and D found it by remembering what website he'd seen it on, and contacting the webmaster.

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