Janet Miles, CAP-OM (janetmiles) wrote,
Janet Miles, CAP-OM

The Arkh Project: video games for LGBT/etc people and people of color

So there's this IndieGoGo campaign for The Arkh Project, intended to develop a video game appealing to and featuring queer (their word) people and people of color. Granting first that I have no right to an opinion on the matter because I am a cisgendered straight white person, I think this is a cool idea. They would specifically like to hire designers etc. who are themselves LGBTQQUIAAetc and/or people of color. Granting the same caveat, I think this is also a cool idea.

Someone has complained to IndieGoGo that intending to hire such designers etc. is illegal and discriminatory. IndieGoGo has asked the Arkh Project people to change that statement in their campaign until IGG can check with their lawyer.

Here's the IndieGoGo campaign page for The Arkh Project.

Here's the Tumblr post on the takedown.

If you support the goal the Arkh Project, I hope you will consider contributing and/or signal boosting.

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