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Household reclamation / road to a library

I'm going to let the pictures -- lots of pictures! -- speak for themselves, except for one note: this was done over the course of five days, with the invaluable help of my_partner_doug and his partner, ysabetwordsmith.



Okay, I lied; there's more to say. When Doug mentioned a few months ago that they were cataloging all their books, I half-jokingly suggesting hiring them to do the same for us. Over the course of the next several months' discussion, that became a serious conversation, and Dale and I did hire them for a week.

Based on this project, they are willing to consider being hired for other, similar reclamation and organizing jobs.

Because the room in which the Library is to live was such a complete disaster, the first two half days were spent clearing out Mount Trashmore. Of course, it wasn't all trash and had to be painstakingly sorted into what was worth keeping, what could go to Goodwill, and what could be thrown away.

Then there was the dismantling of my old (pre-fab, particleboard) desk upstairs, the one you've seen in all the previous pictures, and moving the rolltop desk into that space. Fortunately, the rolltop comes apart into four pieces. This also meant taking down the shelves that had been over my monitor.

The next step involved figuring out how to fit ENOUGH bookcases into the library to hold all the books. Current count is somewhere around 1,000; I know for sure there are more boxes and stacks hiding in various places. No way all of those were going to fit into bookcases just lined along the walls, and the way the room is set up, I wasn't sure we could do bookcases in the middle. Between Elizabeth, Doug, and Dale, though, they came up with the "nook" configuration just inside the door, while still leaving room for the futon to be opened should we need it for a guest.

Then, of course, we had to buy and assemble all the new bookcases. That part was actually sort of fun (although also frustrating, because the instructions were in pictograms, and we're all pretty verbal).

Finally, after all that, we started sorting and shelving books. And sorting and shelving books. And sorting and shelving books.

It's amazing. I can has library. I can has ordered sets of books. I can has cheeseburger, too, as long as I don't eat the bun.

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