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28 November 2011 @ 11:58 am
Useful charts -- not as many as I had hoped, but still  
http://www.usefulcharts.com/index.html -- all classifications theirs, not mine!

Science Charts
Classification of Animals etc
Human Evolution Timeline
Evidence of Evolution
Parts of the Human Brain
Types of Aquarium Fish
Geological Epochs Chart
Manned Space Missions
Unmanned Space Probes
Where is Earth?
New Solar System Chart
How to Find the Brightest Stars
Drake Equation Estimates

Psychology Charts
Myers Briggs Types
The Four Keirsey Temperaments
The Big Five vs MBTI & Eysenck
Raymond Cattell's 16PF
Learning Styles
Seven Intelligences
Career Categories
The Six Thinking Hats
The Four Humours
Enneagram Chart
Jungian Functions
Famous Experiments
Erik Erikson Chart
Jean Piaget Chart
Stages of Moral Development
Stages of Faith Development

Vehicle Comparison Charts
Types of Cars
Types of Hybrid Cars
SUV Comparison Chart
Types of Trucks & Vans

Social Studies Charts
Most Famous Paintings
Most Famous Photographs
Timeline of World History
Timeline of Prehistory
Tudors & Stuarts Family Tree
British Monarchy Family Tree
Seven Ancient Wonders
New Seven Wonders
Greek & Roman Gods
Political Compass Chart
G8 Leaders Timeline
Canadian Federal Elections

Philosophy & Religion Charts
Ancient Greek Philosophers
Famous Philosophers
Mind-Body Philosophy
Three Main Worldviews
Aristotle's Four Causes
Arguments for the Existence of God
Main Hindu Gods and Goddesses
Oldest NT Manuscripts

Some Charts Just for Fun...
20 Greatest Movies
Top Musical Artists
Muppets Voices
The Six Love Styles
Stanley Cup Champions
Best Science Fiction Books
Tallest Buildings in the World
HTML Color Codes Chart

English Charts
Elements of Literature
Archetypes in Movies
Famous Poems and Poets
Verb Tenses Explained
Vowel Sounds Chart
Consonant Sounds Chart
Conjugating Verbs
Active and Passive Voice
Irregular Verbs Chart
Pronouns Chart
Determiners Chart
Prepositions At, On, In
browngirl on November 28th, 2011 05:49 pm (UTC)
Yay charts!

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