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04 October 2011 @ 02:03 pm
It's fiiishbowl time in Ysabet's journal!  
It's the first Tuesday in October, and this month's fishbowl theme is Ghosts: spirits of the dead, famous ghosts, other types of phantasm, ghostly things, equipment for finding ghosts, spectral objects, hauntings, encounters with spectres, weirdnesses that occur when ghosts are around, reasons why someone becomes a ghost, haunted places, unexpected locations to meet a ghost, legends or superstitions about ghosts, the nature of ghosts, moods that a ghost might be in, and poetic forms in particular.

Ysabet posts one free poem a month, and an extra free poem if there's at least one new prompter or donor.

Some of my prompts this month are:
* Would defunct AIs leave ghosts in the machine?
* Ghost - host - goest - guest
* Gentling an unpleasant ghost

It's fun to watch poetry develop -- go feed the fish!