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04 October 2011 @ 09:02 am
Two things make a giggle  
1. "On many campuses, frustrated drivers describe their search for available spaces as something out of Kafka. Call it auto-neuroticism." -- teaser for "Parking on Campus: a Vanishing Perk" in The Chronicle of Higher Education.

2. I think October 4 should be declared National Clear Communication Day: 10-4, good buddy!
Tiger Lily the Ginger Cat: just me - laughtigerbright on October 4th, 2011 01:03 pm (UTC)
Definitely a giggle or two! Thanks, I needed that.
Jim Hetleyjhetley on October 4th, 2011 01:08 pm (UTC)
"Vanishing perk" can be literal on our state U campus -- one of the major parking lots sits right next to the river, about 4' above water level. Get a spring flood or ice jam and you'd better move your car damn fast . . .
Fat Fred the Otter and Skippy: LMAOfatfred on October 4th, 2011 01:08 pm (UTC)

I think that both of those subjects are correct!
Bill the bold bosthoonwcg on October 4th, 2011 02:19 pm (UTC)
10-4, good buddy!

Looks like we got us a convoy.
starcat_jewelstarcat_jewel on October 4th, 2011 08:52 pm (UTC)
And 11 long-haired Friends of Jesus in a chartreuse micro-bus...