Janet Miles, CAP-OM (janetmiles) wrote,
Janet Miles, CAP-OM

And the beat goes on, or something to that effect

So, the cyst on my face that turned into an abscess has been dealt with. After all the antibiotics, and having it lanced twice, and Dale having to clean it out twice a day with a q-tip and peroxide while it was healing, and waiting for it to heal, it's now been excised.

Minor office procedure, local anesthetic, and I was right -- it hurt like a sumbitch when the local wore off, which is why I'm now slightly fuzzy after a prescription pain pill.

I go back Wednesday for removal of the stitches.

Also, Dale goes back to the orthopod Tuesday for his first post-op knee visit. He seems, to my uneducated eye, to be healing up pretty well. He hasn't needed any pain pills since Sunday. His knee looks like a swollen knee, rather than like a small-flesh-colored cantaloupe wedged into the middle of his leg. He can limp for about 20 minutes without the crutches. Sitting or lying down, he can bend the knee about 90 degrees.

What he can't do is bend the leg with any weight on it. I'm guessing he will not be released to return to work on Tuesday. I'm hoping that the short-term disability insurance kicks in soon; it's only $200 a week, but that's still more than $0 a week.

I would really like to get all this medical crap wrapped up, over with, and done.

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