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12 July 2011 @ 12:43 am
Convention is going well. Yesterday we had our district and sector meetings and got some previews of questions that were going to come to the floor today.

Today began the first regular session. There is minimal dissent so far this year -- a few contested elections, but none of the vehement arguments that nearly scared me off my first year. Sadly, my co-delegate has noticed, albeit more subtly, the "Oh. You're *sneer* public sector," attitude that, again, nearly put me off CWA completely my first year. There are people who clearly believe that CWA should never have expanded from telecom, and certainly shouldn't have taken in oddballs like, say, higher education faculty and staff. Of course, there are people in IAAP who feel that they should never have changed the organization name from Professional Secretaries International. Most of the private-sector people I've met, though, have been quite friendly and accepting, if a bit confused ("What do you mean, you don't have collective bargaining?").

Anyway, reports are being presented, speakers are speaking, delegates are voting, and it's all running pretty smoothly.

Also, Benihana Village at the Hilton is lovely. It comprises many little rooms with two or three hibachi tables set up, a Zen-ish garden area, a small nook overlooking the garden from the bar, and maybe more that I didn't see. It's expensive -- everything in Las Vegas is expensive -- but very very tasty, and it's fun to watch the chef.
Wolfteddywolf on July 12th, 2011 02:10 pm (UTC)
Not everything in Las Vegas needs to be pricy.

Less expensive places I recommended from my concierge years would include the following: Pasta Palace (2 locations), Lotus of Siam, Charlie's Lakeside, Raku, BLT Burger, NM Cafe, Shizen, Strings, Table 34, and J.C. Wooloughan Irish Pub. This is not exhaustive, but it is a fair number of the restaurants I would recommend were I still a concierge. The first two places should still be the least expensive on this list, but are still supposed to be every bit as tasty as the rest.

Good luck with the union stuff.