Janet Miles, CAP-OM (janetmiles) wrote,
Janet Miles, CAP-OM

CEPT: Co-worker's husband

The husband of one of my co-workers is seriously ill. He's had a heart condition for many years; it's gotten much worse in the last couple of months; he's been in the hospital for at least the last week; and as of today, his doctors have said that he is not expected to live through the weekend.

On the other hand, he has surprised his doctors before.

My co-worker says that their -- the family's -- faith is sustaining them all, and that they are united in their decision that her husband should not suffer. She said that she welcomes your prayers and Good Thoughts.

My own hope, of course, as it was with my father, is for the best possible outcome, the least amount of suffering, and the strength, courage, and support to face what may be.

ETA: My co-worker's family has decided to sign the paperwork for at-home hospice care.

NOTE: CEPT is from the old days on Usenet, and expands to Callahanian [Emergency / Ecumenical] [Prayer / Positivity] Team. This does not mean that it's limited to the Callahanians, of course.

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