Janet Miles, CAP-OM (janetmiles) wrote,
Janet Miles, CAP-OM

It's Fishbowl Time in Tennessee! (Well, on the Internet, anyway)

ysabetwordsmith is hosting her monthly poetry fishbowl, in which you give her prompts and she produces poetry.

Today's theme is "Urban Fantasy." (You can read more about urban fantasy online. It does not have to be contemporary; past or future city prompts are welcome. While most urban fantasy entails slight revisions of Earth, I'm also open to prompts about cities in other fantasy settings of mine.) I'll be soliciting ideas for urbanites, non-urbanite fish-out-of-water characters, city-dwelling monsters, urban plants and animals, objects commonly found in cities, rural objects that might be amusing to chuck into a city, urban fantasy cliches you'd like to warp, classic or neo urban fantasy plots, events that happen in cities, urban legends, urban places fun to include in a fantasy story, individual cities you'd like to visit, unusual locations within a city, hazards or benefits particular to cities, and poetic forms in particular.

My prompts this month include
Occasionally there are news stories about wild animals (bears, in my region) wandering into the city. What if they're not just plain old ordinary hungry bears (etc.), but advance scouts?

There aren't very many shoe-repair / cobbler's shops left. Are the ones that remain owned and staffed by humans -- or something else?

Wandering sod and how it affects urban travel.

Sinkholes, and what if they're not just a result of limestone and water and poor civil engineering?

Come to think of it, what about UNcivil engineering, the kind that seems to destroy neighborhoods and make life in the city less pleasant. Are the engineers perhaps disgruntled fae?

Go feed the fish!

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