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If you like ysabetwordsmith's poetry fishbowls, you will love her two new poetry collections, just released by Diminuendo Press. Even if you've never stopped in at a fishbowl, I encourage you to check out the tables of contents and sample poems.

From her post about the new releases,
About the Books

From Nature's Patient Hands: A Collection of Poetry explores Earth's wonders through verse. Walk with me through the turning seasons, across the continents, into cathedrals built by life and time. Whether you love nature or poetry, or both, you'll find a new scenic view in here. View the book cover in my LJ album. Read the table of contents with links to sample poems.

Prismatica: Science Fiction Poetry Spanning the Spectrum soars through the myriad realms of "What if...?" including starflight, time travel, aliens, inventions, and things that make scientists say "That's funny..." Someday, if the black gods of space are kind, people will be reading this book in zero gravity or under the light of distant suns. View the book cover in my LJ album. Read the table of contents with links to sample poems.

Both books are available in hardcopy ($12 + $2 s/h) and PDF ($7 for one, $13 for both). You can buy the books directly from ysabetwordsmith (recommended) or from Diminuendo. They are not yet available on Amazon.com, but will be soon; however, that's the least preferred route because the publisher and author get the smallest cut that way.

At risk of scaring people off, I will also mention that I wrote the forward for Prismatica.

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