Janet Miles, CAP-OM (janetmiles) wrote,
Janet Miles, CAP-OM

Dentist stuff, day 8

So the stitches are starting to work loose. Fortunately, Dale is not easily squicked and has been helpfully trimming them for me (not cutting them out, but when a strand works loose and hangs down into my mouth, he'll snip it closer to the gum line). I'm finding the sensation of the threads between my teeth very damn odd, because I have for *years* had dreams where I try to tug a fiber out from between my teeth and it keeps getting longer and longer.

I'm cutting down on the Lorcet and alternating with Advil. I don't know why I didn't start that sooner.

My speech is still a bit slushy, especially around the sibilants.

Since I'm back at work, I am relying on liquids during the day (SlimFast), but I added a bit of solid this evening (Dale had made hamburger and macaroni for himself and had a bit left, so I added it to my soup).

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