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22 November 2010 @ 05:16 pm
Back from the dentist  
I'm mostly okay.

Lorcet helps.

I don't much like nitrous. It makes me cry (not sobbing, but leaking tears and feeling that tightness in the back of my throat). However, I never felt out of control.

I am a wuss. He got about 2/3 of the way around the top of my mouth and my sinuses got congested and I started having trouble breathing and I guess I panicked and my blood pressure spiked and I started feeling dizzy and not at all well.

I have way too many stitches in my mouth. And gauze packing that I get to change every hour or so.

And the drugstore apparently didn't get the message when the office called in the scrips (the Lorcet and a prescription mouthwash to use starting tomorrow), so I didn't have any pain medication until nearly 4 p.m., when the surgery ended at 1:15 or so. This is not the dentist's office's fault.

And I get to do this three more times.
une idee fixeideealisme on November 22nd, 2010 10:29 pm (UTC)
oh wow, that sounds heavy. Glad you got through it ok. Even at its best, dentist time is endured rather than enjoyed.
Janet Miles, CAP-OMjanetmiles on November 22nd, 2010 11:09 pm (UTC)
I am sure that somewhere there exists someone who has a fetish for dental work and gets off on it. That kink is okay, but that kink is way the hell not my kink.
kightp on November 22nd, 2010 11:53 pm (UTC)
This. Multiplied.
Bladerunnerbldrnrpdx on November 22nd, 2010 10:32 pm (UTC)
On the plus (okay, the less negative side) - you know some stuff to be aware of for the next three times.

You might also ask about sinus medication, and whether you can take some shortly before the next procedure (or what else the dentist's office would recommend).

Also, is there a pain med the dentist's office can give you *before* you leave? Something that would at least get you as far as the drugstore in heavy traffic?
Janet Miles, CAP-OMjanetmiles on November 22nd, 2010 11:00 pm (UTC)
I think for next time I will ask them to call in the scrips *before* the surgery so I have it in hand when I leave.

That's what I remember from when I had my tubes tied; the doc told me that I had to fill the pain meds before the surgery and bring the bottle with me. Which was a good thing.
Janet Miles, CAP-OMjanetmiles on November 22nd, 2010 11:08 pm (UTC)
Oh and also, the next times won't be as bad because he won't be trying to do half my damn mouth. On the other hand, episodes three and four will include wisdom tooth destruction and extraction. Fuck.

What's odd, I told the assistant while she was getting me ready, "If you hear me say anything that sounds like 'yellow' or 'red' that means there's a serious problem and you need to check in with me," but I never felt like safewording, just like, "I think I stopped breathing through my nose and I'm not getting any nitrous . . . better change that . . . can't breathe . . . oh wait he's telling me something isn't right . . . I don't feel well".

He was checking in with me regularly, getting verbal responses; I wonder if he checked in and I didn't respond? Or if it was just the monitor beeping. I'm kind of fuzzy about that part.

Having the iPod helped a lot.
Johnjohnpalmer on November 22nd, 2010 11:11 pm (UTC)
Nod. Sinus medicine - or, do they have one of those nasal things that are uncomfortable as hell, but a lot more comfortable than "not breathing panic"? Or, can they adjust the angle of the chair?

(Side note: I do *much* better in a dental chair if I can remember my diaphragm, and breathe only from there. But it's still hard, and sometimes panicky.)
Janet Miles, CAP-OMjanetmiles on November 23rd, 2010 02:03 am (UTC)
Nasal things? I'm sorry, I haven't a clue what you're referring to -- Breathe Right strips maybe?

A big part of my issue is that I don't normally breathe through my nose to begin with, so I had to keep remembering to do that.
Johnjohnpalmer on November 23rd, 2010 02:24 am (UTC)
It's possible to put a nasal airway in place - or there's some thing that helps keep the nasal passages open to protect an airway. But I've never known a dentist who used one. I've just seen them used in other contexts.

I reckon they're too uncomfortable (or, possibly, unsafe) to be considered worthwhile for routine-ish dental stuff.
Fat Fred the Otter and Skippy: Nooo!fatfred on November 22nd, 2010 10:44 pm (UTC)

More pain meds!
Janet Miles, CAP-OMjanetmiles on November 22nd, 2010 10:59 pm (UTC)
One every six hours. I can take another one at 10. And then I'm taking the damn gauze out of my mouth and going to bed.
amaebiamaebi on November 22nd, 2010 10:55 pm (UTC)
Ouch. :(
Janet Miles, CAP-OMjanetmiles on November 22nd, 2010 11:10 pm (UTC)
Lorcet is making everything better.
Barbrahirah on November 22nd, 2010 11:15 pm (UTC)
Hey, if you were conscious you're miles ahead of me. They had to put me under completely when I had my wisdom teeth out. You're a braver person than I am, Gunga Din.
Janet Miles, CAP-OMjanetmiles on November 22nd, 2010 11:36 pm (UTC)
Conscious but kind of fuzzy around the edges.
Jim Hetleyjhetley on November 22nd, 2010 11:30 pm (UTC)
Better things for better living through chemistry?

I hate dentist stuff, too. Hang in there.
Janet Miles, CAP-OMjanetmiles on November 23rd, 2010 02:02 am (UTC)
I don't normally mind dentist stuff all that much (cleanings, fillings), but this was moderately stressful. Apparently I have very thick bones.
browngirl on November 23rd, 2010 12:20 am (UTC)
*hugs you healingly*

Janet Miles, CAP-OMjanetmiles on November 23rd, 2010 02:01 am (UTC)
Thank you muchly. :-)
The Evil Twingrey_evil_twin on November 23rd, 2010 12:20 am (UTC)
Well done on getting through it.

I had a dentist give me intravenous valium once for dental work. Knocked me out lightly, and i woke up with a coffee and a box of tissues alongside me. Sipped the coffee, dribbled, used the tissues. But all the work was done and I had no memory of it happening. And no pain or stress. It was GREAT.
Janet Miles, CAP-OMjanetmiles on November 23rd, 2010 01:59 am (UTC)
That sounds rather more pleasant, indeed.
what doesn't kill me better run: val: there is no soundness in my fleshcarlyinrome on November 23rd, 2010 01:35 am (UTC)

Geez, I'm sorry. I actually have really bad (emotional) reactions to anesthesia, too; you might ask next time if they can give you some Benadryl with it, because that can ease the reaction.

After working in health care, I always get paper prescriptions, because there are a million and one ways your prescription can get lost even if it's no one's fault.


Janet Miles, CAP-OMjanetmiles on November 23rd, 2010 01:58 am (UTC)
Fortunately, they had given us copies of the prescriptions, so we were able to hand those in, and Dale went back out to get them a couple of hours later -- they were pretty backed up today.

Benadryl? Huh. Not doubting you, just not something I'd have expected in that combination.
what doesn't kill me better run: val: we're all mad herecarlyinrome on November 23rd, 2010 02:00 am (UTC)

May I ask where you go for your prescriptions?

Yeah, Benadryl. I don't know if it's because it acts as a depressant, or because it's really an allergic reaction. But any time I have to have any kind of anesthesia, I tell the doctor or whomever that I have really bad reactions, they give me Benadryl with it, and I'm okay.

Janet Miles, CAP-OMjanetmiles on November 23rd, 2010 02:06 am (UTC)
CVS that used to be next to Kroger on Hall Road in Alcoa, and is now on the corner of Lincoln and Hall.

I'll keep that in mind about the Benadryl. Thanks!
what doesn't kill me better run: val: this shit is fucking stressfulcarlyinrome on November 23rd, 2010 02:08 am (UTC)

I always have problems with CVS. Always. The last time I took a prescription there -- under duress, because they were the only place that could order the medication -- it took four trips and almost a week. Honestly: unless something is very wrong, like the computers are down or something, it shouldn't take more than twenty minutes to get a regular prescription filled. It just shouldn't.

Missybkwrrm_tx on November 23rd, 2010 02:02 am (UTC)

Janet Miles, CAP-OMjanetmiles on November 23rd, 2010 02:06 am (UTC)
I love your icon, and thank you for the hugs.