Janet Miles, CAP-OM (janetmiles) wrote,
Janet Miles, CAP-OM

Is anyone else a fan of both J.D. Robb and Seanan McGuire?

I just realized that I have no idea what either JD Robb's or Seanan McGuire's policies are on fanfic. I guess I should try to find out. Because I desperately, desperately want to read a crossover fic in which Mavis Freestone has a conversation with the Luidaeg.

I dropped that plot bunny on Dale, who suggested one possible setting: Mavis's agent runs a contest where fans submit entries to win an evening with her. Someone with a very weak sense of self-preservation sends in a joke entry with the Luidaeg's contact information. That entry is chosen, and Mavis drops by for a visit. It turns out the Luidaeg is a secret fan, and actually has all of Mavis's vids and an autographed life-size poster of Mavis wearing three spangles and a dab of spirit gum (all safely tucked away in a tightly warded room, of course).

We giggled about this for at least 20 minutes last night.

Also, if any of y'all are SSBBeings, I realized last night that Mavis is that ficton's version of Fnordy: Everyone is *crazy* about her!

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