Janet Miles, CAP-OM (janetmiles) wrote,
Janet Miles, CAP-OM

The current crosspost fubar

I use neither Twitter nor Facebook, and so will not be crossposting any of my comments, anywhere, to either of those services.

I do have a Dreamwidth permanent account, but I pretty much don't use it. I have not imported my posts over there (although I keep thinking I ought to do so as a backup). If I ever get around to it, I'll ask again before importing comments, and if people would rather I not, I'll either not import comments at all, or find some way to pull out any comments by the "please don't" group.

  1. What you do in your own journal is up to you. ETA: This includes crossposting to Dreamwidth, Facebook, or Twitter. My comments in your journal are my copyright, but in your space. If there's something I want to say that I'm not willing to have broadcast, I'll say so specifically, or I'll contact you some other way.
  2. What you do in my journal is -- or should be, if LJ had implemented it correctly -- up to me.
  3. Given that LJ apparently did not correctly implement the option to crosspost comments to Facebook and/or Twitter, here is my stance on what you do in my journal:
    1. If it's a public post, I would mildly prefer that you not crosspost your comments.
    2. If it's a friends-locked or filter-locked post, I would strongly prefer that you not crosspost your comments, and I'm likely to get all manner of cranky if you do so and I find out, especially if you quote any of my post in your comment.

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