Janet Miles, CAP-OM (janetmiles) wrote,
Janet Miles, CAP-OM

Email forward for a friend -- and for a park

From my friend: The Smoky Mountains National Park is in a voting competition to receive a $100,000 grant from Coca-Cola. We’re running a distant second behind a Minnesota park. I have such a soft spot for the Smokys, that I’d like to see them get that money. If you’d like to help, here’s the information. Do not feel obligated to do this; I’m simply passing it along.

The story is here: http://www.knoxnews.com/news/2010/aug/26/battle-parks-smokies-contest-vote/

If you want to vote (you can do it an unlimited number of times) go to http://www.livepositively.com/#/americasparks/vote

Feel free to forward to anyone else that you think might be interested.


From Janet: Also, if there is another park you'd like to vote for, please do! Parks are goodnesses.

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