Janet Miles, CAP-OM (janetmiles) wrote,
Janet Miles, CAP-OM

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Hmph. I guess my car got jealous.

So, last month Dale's car was in the shop twice, once for a transmission rebuild and then a day later for the neutral safety switch to be replaced (under warranty, since it's part of the transmission). Last week, Dale's car was in the shop for a serpentine belt tensioner.

Today, my car will be going into the shop, for a broken power window (the glass is fine, but something jammed or broke inside the door). As long as it's going in for that, I'm going to see if they can fix the gas gauge (reads between 3/4 and full no matter how much or little gas is in the tank), and the hinge on the center console (if they can get the part.

I figure it's three things, it's probably going to cost 3 x $250, plus tax and fees.


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