Janet Miles, CAP-OM (janetmiles) wrote,
Janet Miles, CAP-OM

Not a joke: Whose idea was it to use "Space Oddity" for a car commercial?!


Seriously, people. Listen to the whole damn song.
"(Ten) Ground control (Nine) to major Tom (Eight) / (Seven, six) Commencing countdown (Five), engines on (Four) / (Three, two) Check ignition (One) and may gods (Blastoff) love be with you"
is all very well and good, but
"Ground control to major Tom, your circuit's dead, there's something wrong / Can you hear me, major Tom?"
is not a condition you want to find yourself in, in your car. Even if they don't use that part of the song, anyone who's old enough to know the first part will immediately recall the latter.


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