Janet Miles, CAP-OM (janetmiles) wrote,
Janet Miles, CAP-OM

May poetry fishbowl over at Ysabetwordsmith's

My friend ysabetwordsmith is doing her May poetry fishbowl today.

Today's theme is "teaching basic lessons," as selected by the audience. (Poetry that teaches something is called "didactic poetry." If it helps memorize information, it's called "mnemonic verse." Both are often scorned today, but they still work.) [She is] soliciting ideas for characters who are teaching, characters who are learning, educational tools, sets of related items to be memorized, methods of learning, challenges encountered in education, morals or themes to be learned, settings in which didactic poetry was popular, and poetic forms in particular.

A Poetry Fishbowl is poetry written approximately to spec -- you give her a prompt, she'll write a poem. She may combine prompts from more than one person in a given piece. You'll get a copy (via email) of the poem written to your prompt, and she'll post a comment with the title and a short description, including cost.

She usually posts one free poem per month as a teaser. If you sponsor a poem (can be any poem listed, doesn't have to be the one written for you), she will post it on her journal as a separate entry, and you receive non-exclusive reprint rights, which means you can re-post it (with proper credit, of course!) in your journal or blog.

Go feed the fish! If at least one new person posts a prompt or sponsors a poem, ysabetwordsmith will post an additional free poem.

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