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Janet Miles, CAP-OM

April poetry fishbowl, over at ysabetwordsmith's

My friend ysabetwordsmith is doing her April poetry fishbowl today.

Today's theme is "high fantasy." (Any version of HF is eligible, including "set in another world" or "epic and heroic.")


I'll be soliciting ideas for heroes, heras, heroines, heronets,* villains dire, comic relief sidekicks, phantasmagoric creatures, magical artifacts, fantasy weapons or tools, whole new ways to destroy the world, diabolical plots, endangered monarchies, epic plot twists, world themes, enchanted locations, and poetic forms in particular. (Hero = male lead, Hera = female lead, Heroine = female love-interest, Heronet = male love-interest. Queerly sexed or gendered leads and interests are also cool.) But anything is welcome, really.

A Poetry Fishbowl is poetry written approximately to spec -- you give her a prompt, she'll write a poem. She may combine prompts from more than one person in a given piece. You'll get a copy (via email) of the poem written to your prompt, and she'll post a comment with the title and a short description, including cost.

She usually posts one free poem per month as a teaser. If you sponsor a poem (can be any poem listed, doesn't have to be the one written for you), she will post it on her journal as a separate entry, and you receive non-exclusive reprint rights, which means you can re-post it (with proper credit, of course!) in your journal or blog.

Go feed the fish! If at least one new person posts a prompt or sponsors a poem, ysabetwordsmith will post an additional free poem.

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