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siliconshaman on March 13th, 2010 12:07 am (UTC)
Dickens said it best...
Expenses £1 6s and 3p. Income £1 6s 9p result Happiness.
Expenses £1 6s and 3p. Income £1 6s result Misery.

Although, it's not about the money, as such. It's about having the resources you need, to meet the demands in your life. Poverty is when you have more demands than resources.

Granted, most peoples primary resource, is money, because you can use that to get other resources. But a lack of those more need specific resources [transport, food, medical care]... that is also poverty.

However you measure it though, it's not just an absolute arbitrary line. It's dependent on circumstance too. One can have a £50k income...but if your expenses are £51k, you're still screwed.