Janet Miles, CAP-OM (janetmiles) wrote,
Janet Miles, CAP-OM

Notes from IAAP meeting October 19

Speaker: Joan Cronan, Athletic Director, UT Women's Athletics

Be positive -- talk up your good points without slamming others

Anecdote -- was recruiting an athlete, said something about how women athletes have so many more opportunities now than they did when Cronan was entering college and said, "I'd love to be in your shoes now." The athlete said, "I don't think you could fit in my shoes." Cronan was a bit taken aback at the apparent arrogance. Then the athlete said, "Ms. Cronan, I wear a size 14!"

She said she was told once that to be successful, a woman needed Three Cs:
  • From birth to 18, she needs Compliments,
  • From 18-30, she needs Confidence, and
  • From 30 on she needs Cash [/Checks / Credit Cards]

She prefers three other Cs: Competitive, Confident, and Communicate.

She defines competition as trying to be the best you can be, setting high standards and meeting them.

She defines confidence as having a body of knowledge and a mentor / coach.

She defines communication as the ability to listen and the willingness to say thank you.

She sets her daily goals according to what she calls her BELLS:
  • read from the Bible
  • Exercise
  • write a Letter for pleasure (and email doesn't count)
  • Learn something
  • and complete a Special Project

She encourages people to surround themselves with people who have good attitudes and good body language to express their positive attitude.

She says if you have Pride and Passion, you will succeed.

She quoted Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys on his definition of leadership: "A leader is a person with a vision and the sphere of influence to make it happen."

My thoughts

I think you should add a fourth C, Cooperation.

Quoting from somewhere, "I'll believe in truly equal opportunity not when a brilliant woman can do as well as a brilliant man, but when an average woman can do as well as an average man" -- and get paid the same amount!

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