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An e-mail I will be sending to IAAP International

...as soon as I can get their fucking website to load so I can get the damn e-mail address I need.
Subject: EFAM 2009 "Smiling Faces" video and objection to being included

Mr. _____,

I am the short fat woman in the white blouse and blue-and-white flowered skirt filmed entering the Office Expo. I request -- in the strongest possible terms -- that I be edited OUT. I did not see the photographer who caught me on video, and I assure you that had I done so, I would have taken rapid steps to avoid his or her field.

This e-mail cannot begin to express how furious I am. I deeply resent the assumption that attending an event constitutes open permission to be photographed or filmed and to have one's image used however the photographer desires. I strongly recommend that IAAP consider offering EFAM participants the option to be photographed or not, ideally by adding a brightly colored "DO NOT TAKE MY PICTURE" ribbon to our badges. If that is impossible, then perhaps the photographers and videographers could be made more obvious and visible.

Janet D. Miles CPS/CAP
Member number _____
Knoxville Chapter, Tennessee Division, Southeast District

cc: Knoxville Chapter President

EFAM is "Educational Forum and Annual Meeting". I honestly have had a pretty damn good week, up until the moment I saw myself on film in front of the entire fucking convention. I damn near walked out of the banquet then and there. Now I'm so incredibly pissed off that I am seriously considering resigning my membership if they won't edit me out of the video. Even if they will, I have attended my last International event. I will not go through this again.

Judy, if it comes to that, I will finish the website and train someone to take over, and I will teach at least the fall CAP classes.

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