Janet Miles, CAP-OM (janetmiles) wrote,
Janet Miles, CAP-OM

Bits of tid

Not-very-hypothetical question: If you were calling a university to ask about online programs for a teaching certificate, would you expect to need to take notes about the answers to your questions, and therefore have paper and a writing implement handy? This caller apparently did not, because she made me repeat the toll-free number for Distance Education three times, while punching it into her cellphone (from which she was making the call, so I got the high-pitched chirps in my ear as she did so).

I see that one of the first things Al Franken did after being sworn in as a US Senator was sign on to co-sponsor the Employee Free Choice Act. Go, Senator Franken!

barbarakitten_t posted this link, "Where are American values for an American hero?", which memorializes Darrell "Shifty" Powers of the 101st Airborne, a D-Day survivor.

dewhitton posted a video in his journal, this entry. As the first words we hear of the song are "... seven naked men, eight naked men, nine naked men" and the video does, in fact, illustrate the lyrics, you may determine for yourself if this is something you want to watch at work or when your parents are in the room.

hitchhiker posted a link to a comparison of Aldous Huxley's and George Orwell's visions of dystopia.

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