Janet Miles, CAP-OM (janetmiles) wrote,
Janet Miles, CAP-OM

I have really nifty friends, y'all

fatfred, you are cool because you are so generous with your time, energy, and friendship.

onelargecat, you are cool because you had the guts to become an entrepreneur, selling what is essentially a luxury service, in a failing economy, and make a go of it.

bkwrrm_tx, you are cool because despite it all, you're silly and cheerful.

browngirl, you are cool because I learn so much from you.

joshbrown, you are cool because you know so much about so many different things.

tassie_gal, you are cool because, hey! Epidemiology! How cool is that?! Seriously, I still have a kids' book from 1963 called, um, Epidemic Detectives, that I thought was just the coolest thing ever.

curiousangel, you are cool because while you tend to be quiet, when you do speak up (or post), it's always worth listening to (or reading).

ideealisme, you are cool because you're a writer and an activist and an all-around decent person.

bldrnrpdx, you are cool because you garden, and I'm just damned impressed with anyone who can make stuff grow.

siliconshaman, you are cool because you have big dreams for the future of humanity and because you care.

griffen, you are cool because you are damn well determined to find your way in the world no matter what society throws at you.

micheinnz, you are cool because you get to say things like (paraphrased), "Is that supposed to be on fire?" And because I love the word "electrickery".

glinda_w, you are cool because you keep on keeping on, and find joy in little things.

ysabetwordsmith, you are cool because you say things like, "You have pulled the lever on the Bard-o-Matic. Please prepare for infodump now."

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