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What drugs was that architect on?!?

I just learned that there is a building on campus (McClung Tower, if you're familiar with the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, campus) where the restrooms are at the stairwell landings, halfway between floors. So, for example, from the fifth floor, you go down half a flight to the women's restroom, or up half a flight to the men's restroom. This is something of a problem for one co-worker's mother, who has just returned to work part-time after hip replacement surgery.

Granted, the building does predate the ADA.

And there are actual restrooms on the top floor itself, rather than in the stairwell (and so my co-worker's mother can take the elevator up to the 12th floor every time she needs to use the restroom).

But what in the hell could have made someone think that was a good design strategy?

(Related to restrooms, but not as offensive to me: It may have been changed since I was last in Ayres Hall, but the restrooms there used to be labeled "Men - Faculty", "Men - Students", "Women - Staff", and "Women - Students".)

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