Janet Miles, CAP-OM (janetmiles) wrote,
Janet Miles, CAP-OM

I'm never sure if I've done the right thing

Came out of the restaurant this evening and heard loud yelling, with lots of cussing involved, coming from the parking lot of the hotel abutting the restaurant property.

Listened for a moment, because, hey, it could have been a couple of drunk guys trash talking. Or, well, shouting.

No, it was definitely things that sounded like accusations, and someone sobbing loudly enough to be heard probably 15 feet away through a hedge. And so I stood there and dithered.

Should I call the cops?

Should I honk my horn and shout through the hedge, "Are you okay? Do you need someone to call 911 for you?"

Should I just go away and pretend it never happened?

What I finally did was drive around the block to the hotel and tell the front desk clerk about it, emphasizing that I didn't care about the noise, I was concerned for their safety. She said she'd call "someone", by which I hope she meant "security". But I dunno. I worry.

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