Janet Miles, CAP-OM (janetmiles) wrote,
Janet Miles, CAP-OM

To borrow a phrase, "About that show, where the character just left"

Over in another journal, the consensus is that Grissom is an idiot for going after Sara, that she's one-dimensional, and that he'd be better with Lady Heather or even with Catherine Willows. And since I respect the owner of that journal, I'm talking about my disagreement here, rather than there.

[Note: I'm going to talk about the characters as if they were real people with their own motivations, rather than addressing the writers and their motivations for having this work out the way it did.]

I respectfully disagree. People fall in love, stay in love, and feel love, for reasons that are not always obvious to outsiders. Relationships can be built on foundations that clearly should not support them. Some of those relationships manage to strengthen the foundation, like some sort of emotional cantilevering.

I think Grissom and Heather would be a good match, intellectually. I don't know that they'd be good for each other as a couple, long-term. I hope that they will remain friends, and that Sara can come to terms with that friendship, and trust Grissom and Heather both to keep it at that level.

I can also believe in Grissom and Sara. I perceive them both as walking wounded, and I think that connects them in ways, at some levels, that I suspect neither of them is quite aware of.

Grissom is taking an enormous, terrifying step in trying to make an emotional and romantic commitment to another human being. He's going to need a huge degree of gentling, cajoling, and hand-holding along the way. I think for his sanity and self-respect, he needs to take that step with someone who requires an equal amount of help, so that he can give as much as he receives. (He may not consciously perceive this.)

I don't perceive Sara as one-dimensional. Maybe that's where I've gone wrong, maybe I'm just too easily manipulated, probably I'm just one of the masses who uncritically and unthinkingly accepts whatever is fed to me. But I perceive her as sharp. Not as brilliant as Grissom or Lady Heather, maybe, but sure as hell up there. She's broken in ways she knows about and ways she doesn't know about. She's done her damnedest to shore up the broken areas she sees; maybe not in the best possible way, but she's trying. She probably got into forensics / crime scene investigation as a way to enforce control (see also, Jim Brass and police work). She's much better with evidence than with people (and in the real world, where the crime scene techs aren't also detectives and don't interview witnesses, it would probably be a better fit).

She desperately wants justice for the victims. Justice, not vengeance. That's why she works with the evidence. She doesn't want the wrong person to be punished. But she's not perfect, no more than anyone else, and maybe less than some. She has weak spots that can be exploited, and triggers that can be pressed. As do we all.

Ah. I see. Okay, you're right, I'm an uncritical, unthinking sheep who prefers a heavy dose of Mary Sue in her stories. I want Grissom and Sara to work out because I can identify with her imperfections, whereas I can only admire Heather's complete assurance.

You know, just once I wish I could critically examine something I like and still end up feeling good about myself.

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