Janet Miles, CAP-OM (janetmiles) wrote,
Janet Miles, CAP-OM

Ah, bureaucracy

Right hand, left^Wright hand?
Just received a flyer in the mail for a former employee. A "he's been gone for close to a year" former employee.

This would not be worth noting, except that the flyer came from UT Human Resources.

Compare and contrast
Story from Tennessee Today, yesterday: UT Police Department expects to save $80,000 / year by reducing costs. How? They are currently spending about $100,000 /year on over-mileage charges on leased vehicles. To reduce this, each car's mileage is checked at the end of the shift. If it's over its allotted mileage, the key goes on a red board. If it's within 200 miles of the allotment, the key goes on a yellow board. If it's more than 200 miles from the allotment, the key goes on a green board. Cars are checked out green first, yellow only if all green are gone, and red only if all yellow are gone.

Story from Knoxville News Sentinel, yesterday: UT Athletics expects to save $80,000 / year by reducing costs. How? They will no longer give ushers at basketball games a voucher for a hotdog and a soda. CORRECTION: USHERS, not vendors. I can has accuracy sometimez plz?

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