November 6th, 2012


Woohoo! It's fishbowl time!

You know the drill -- go check out Ysabet's fishbowl. You prompt, she writes poetry, you sponsor poetry, she posts poetry, everyone is happy.

This month's theme is "Influential Women." Some of my prompts include:
* Ada Lovelace .
* Geraldine Ferraro .
* "Behind every great man is a woman." If that's the case, who's behind the great women?

Feeeeed the fiiiish!
pentacle, star, religion

YaaD Work: Before my year started

Before my Year and a Day began: I have been participating in rituals with Fieldhaven coven for 17 years. These descriptions of four of the rituals in which I participated are already published on the Greenhaven Tradition site, so I'm not reposting them here, just linking.


2. I didn't write any portion of the Samhain 2006 ritual, but I was brought in as Persephone at more or less the last minute, for good and valid reason that is not mine to disclose.

3. For Samhain 2011, I did write the "Speaker to Both Worlds" section and I served as that Speaker during the ritual.

4. marked the beginning of my YaaD period (which stretched out to about a year and a half).