October 12th, 2011


So far today, I have

1. Figured out how to change the SMTP server on our copier. (Don't laugh; it's a multifunction and it does scan-to-email, which is an amazingly useful feature.)

2. Determined that a user's problem with Word 2010 cannot be solved, because it's based on settings from another person's computer. (That is, sometimes Track Changes doesn't work, because it won't display the reviewer name, just "author". This happens when the reviewer sets his/her copy of Word to strip out personal information before saving and sending the document.)

Other useful but not particularly interesting stuff.
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Traits of a Janet

As you may know, I'm engaged in Year and A Day studies with a Neo-Pagan coven. One of the exercises that I'm having a great deal of trouble with involves researching and, ideally, engaging with a totem (aka animal guide / guiding spirit). Part of my difficulty is that I am a very poor judge of my own character, and see only negative traits in myself, nothing positive.

My mentor disagrees with this assessment. With his permission, I'm posting the following lists of traits, skills, attributes, and tendencies to ask for your input on which ones I appear to have, and which ones I should strive to attain.

This list was developed by Elizabeth Barrette (ysabetwordsmith) and is part of the Greenhaven Tradition Year and A Day study material.

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