August 9th, 2011


A red-letter day: something I like better in Outlook 2010 than in Outlook 2003

Note: I know other calendars are better. I'm required to use Outlook at work. Thank you.

Anyway, the thing I like: In Outlook 2003, if you created a repeating event (say, "Spring break, every day from March 19 to March 23") and then copied it to another calendar (because, say, you maintain calendars for five different groups and three meeting rooms), only the first day copied and you had to set the repetition on each calendar.

In Outlook 2010, if you create a repeating event and copy it to another calendar, you get a little pop-up that offers you the choices "Copy series," "Copy selected occasion," and "Cancel."

This is a goodness.

Crowdfunded belly dance! Seriously!

Okay, so Marie at .water.lines is trying out something new: crowdfunded belly dance. She started by asking for five musical prompts, and has done a one-minute improv for each one; they're posted on YouTube and at the webpage I linked above.

For the next five days, she's asking people to watch the videos and "Like" their favorite(s). At the end of the week, she'll do a full-length video of the most popular song.

Tips are welcome but not required.

I'm very impressed with her work, and encourage you to go check out her page.