August 2nd, 2011


Poetry Fishbowl at Ysabet's!

Yay! It's the first Tuesday of the month, and that means it's Poetry Fishbowl time at ysabetwordsmith's!

Her theme this month is corruption and redemption.

She's taking prompts for
for tainted heroes, villains with second thoughts, clergy trying to sway people toward good or evil, pollution, contagions, aspects of corruption, different types of redemption, things that taint people, inspiration for redemption, reasons why people switch sides, turning points along the path, hard choices, places that are tainted in some way, holy ground, restoration projects, and poetic forms in particular

and she's writing to order (although your prompt(s) may be combined with someone else's). If you prompt, she'll send you a copy of the poem written -- that's for your eyes only, not to share. If you sponsor the poem, she'll post it, and you get reprint rights.

She posts one free poem each month, and if there is at least one new prompter or donor, she'll post a second freebie. If total sponsorship reaches $150, she'll write a new poem in an existing series. If sponsorships reach $200, she'll run a fishbowl for the series poem.

She's also posting an epic from the Path of the Paladin series, one verse per linkback to today's Fishbowl.

Go feed the fish!