March 10th, 2011


Decorative ropework

A friend described this as "not so much bondage as macrame clothing". You will have to assert that you are a legal adult; however, in skimming through the pictures, I didn't see any uncovered nipples or genitals.

Correction: as you get farther into the collection (say, around page 7) there are some suspension bondage shots, as well as nipples and genitals.

Dentistry, round 3, day 4

Somewhat achier the last two days, probably because of storm fronts blowing through. However, still healing faster than expected; I was able to eat semisolid food yesterday, and I slept on my left side a bit last night.

On a related note, Seanan McGuire's fourth Toby Daye book, Late Eclipses, sucked me in and kept me reading straight through, to the point where when I finally put down the book and came up for air, I realized that my jaw was twinging and I'd missed a pain pill. I hadn't noticed until that point.

If you like urban fantasy, go buy it and read it. (If you haven't read the first three, buy them first and read them. LE will stand on its own, but it is better if you have the background.)