February 28th, 2011

socks, dumbledore, silliness, entitlement

On smoking and non-smoking spaces

So much of my world -- primarily workplaces and restaurants -- has become non-smoking that I've become much more sensitive to cigarette smoke.

I attended a private party at a club on Saturday night. There was a sign marking the non-smoking section, and that's where I sat, but it appears that air molecules can't read, so I ended up leaving very early, hacking and coughing. I don't expect I'll be going back, which is unfortunate, because it sounds as though it was a damn fine evening.

Please note: This is an expression of mild disappointment that I am so intolerant of cigarette smoke, not a demand that the club be made non-smoking. It's a private event at a private club and restricted to 21 and older, so they have every right to allow smoking in their space. That is why I have used my "entitlement" icon (which is also used for Dumbledore, silliness, and socks, so there).