December 7th, 2010


Wow, that was seriously not a Good Life Choice [1]

Aquafresh toothpaste and the prescription mouthwash are SERIOUSLY not a good combination -- more than 12 hours later, my tongue and palate still feel scalded.

Will try Crest instead.

[1] I picked up this phrase from the Chronicle of Higher Education forums; one poster's mother-in-law is all about wanting to help her son and daughter-in-law to make Good Life Choices (in other words, to do whatever she wants, when she wants them to). The poster usually uses the phrase sarcastically, and I am doing so here.

Poetry fishbowl!

Please go check out ysabetwordsmith's poetry fishbowl today! Her topic is "Oceans and other waters".

Some of my prompts include:

Ocean as the source of life
Aqua vitae / aqavit / usquebaugh
Aqua regia

Water content in the body
Water intoxication

Lost seas
Inland seas
The Great Salt Flats

Hold your water
Water over the dam
Water under the bridge

Water for transportation (steam)
Water for transportation (ocean travel, riverboats)

If you like Elizabeth's poetry, you can now purchase either or both of two collections of her work.