October 19th, 2010


CEPT Update: reasonably good news

My co=worker S's daughter is home from the hospital. She's not on any antibiotics or other medication.

Her white blood cell count has dropped from 20,000 yesterday to 16,000 today. One doctor said she may just have a high wbc; another said there might be some issue in the middle or inner ear which caused her to pass out yesterday.

At her request last night, the nurse hooked up a fetal monitor and said the baby is showing all good signs, nothing wrong there.

Is still something of a puzzlement, so continued Good Thoughts are welcomed.

To give you an idea of how absent-minded I am today

I carry my cell phone in a clip on my waistband.

Earlier today, I brushed my hand against the clip and realized it was empty.

I spent about three minutes trying to remember where I might have left my phone before realizing that I was, in fact, holding it in my other hand and listening to a conversation.