August 2nd, 2010


General update on the state of the Janet

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It's hot and muggy here in East Tennessee. There are two chillers in my building; the new one is on the other side of the building. Therefore, the offices across the hall are comfortable, my office is tolerable, and the hallway is disgusting.

One of my coworkers has a neighbor with too many cherry tomatoes, so I have been getting garden tomatoes periodically.

Yesterday I was going to be annoyed at Dale for doing Things to the TV etc. downstairs; he'd been moving things around and reconnecting them, and he'd said something about getting the stereo speakers hooked up to the tuner so he could listen to the TV in stereo. Thus, when I got no sound whatsoever, I was prepared to blame him for converting the TV from something I could watch with one remote to something that needed two or more remotes. However, it was user error on my part -- it didn't occur to me to turn up the sound from the TV (which he'd turned all the way down so he could use the stereo).

I can still watch the TV and DVDs with a single remote. Dale is a chinchilla among hamsters.

I guess I should explain that last statement. Dale has been doing huge amounts of household reclamation, including moving furniture and eliminating the huge Pile O Crap that had been taking up about one-third of our living room floor. I have been lauding him with statements like, "You are a prince among men, and a redwood among daffodils" -- and any other silly comparisons I can come up with. Hence, a chinchilla among hamsters.

I'm sure there's other stuff going on in my life that I'm forgetting about here. Ask me questions, if you want (or not, as you please).