April 26th, 2010


Home now (well, several hours ago)

After looking some more at the map, and realizing that US 321 does not, in fact, terminate in Gastonia, NC, but rather in Hardeeville, SC, and that Hickory - Hardeeville - Maryville would be about 12 hours, we decided to head home this morning.

So we had a nice breakfast at the hotel (free "expanded continental" -- available items included milk, coffee, juice, assorted cereals, doughnuts, bagels, cream cheese, peanut butter, hard-boiled eggs, oatmeal to be microwaved, packaged sausage biscuits to be microwaved, and a do-it-yourself waffle maker), got onto I-40 (many, many thanks to timill, for mentioning that it had re-opened!), and came home.

Still a pleasant drive, although less winding a road and therefore a bit more soporific, and when we got home I took a nap. I like naps.