December 31st, 2009


Household reclamation

Accomplished yesterday: Went target shooting with Dale. Did last load of hallway laundry (however, there are several more loads lurking in various corners around the house. Also, having so much of it clean and put away strongly suggests that we need to purge the closet and drawers). Moved the short bookcase to the hallway. Measured the space; determined that we could not put six feet of bookcases into 4'10" of space. Went to Goodwood; bought 3'x8' bookcase to be delivered next week. Bought birthday gift for MC and spent a couple of hours with them.

Planned for today: Move some of the hardback books (Carey, Christie, Hamilton, Lackey, Weber) to the hallway, freeing up some space in the library. Another Goodwill run (printers, keyboards, miscellaneous cables).

New Year's Toast

doesn't look like I'm going to be awake at midnight, so I'll toast now.

Ladies and gentlemen, here’s to the new year – and may it be a damn sight better than the last! (tm edge_dancer)

May the coming year bring you all of what you need, enough of what you want, and as little as possible of that which is neither. (tm me, as far as I know)