December 30th, 2009


Household reclamation

Accomplished yesterday: One load of laundry washed and put away (it took three runs through the dryer, which is almost four hours, to stop being damp).

Oil changed in car.

Goodwill run, with three full egg crates (one each of videotapes, linens, and miscellaneous housewares).

Called garbage service to find out why trash has not been picked up last two Mondays (figured out a way to phrase that so it wasn't accusatory: rather than "Why hasn't our trash been picked up?" I asked, "I wonder if perhaps the schedule was changed because of the holidays?"). Got trash picked up.

Plan for today: More laundry. Move the short bookcase into the hallway. Measure space and go buy two tall bookcases to go in that space. After dinner, go visit Rich and Tammy and say happy birthday to Mary Claire (MC is Rich's daughter from his first marriage. Her mother has custody.).

Update: One load washed and dried; the second in the dryer. I'll put away both loads together. This is all the laundry that was in the hallway! (To be honest, though, there's probably another three or four loads strewn around the rest of house.) Also, Dale moved the short bookcase back into the hall, and we went to Goodwood and bought a tall bookcase to go in the corner of the library (36"x84"). That'll give me another three feet for records, and with any luck I won't find any more huge stashes thereof.