December 28th, 2009


Household reclamation

Accomplished yesterday: I got all the clean laundry put away, and the first load of "this has been sitting in the hallway for months, it's probably not clean anymore" was in the dryer when I went to bed. I also ran a load of dishes and put them away, and cleared all the sheets that no longer fit our bed out of the linen closet and packed them up for Goodwill.

Plan for today: Put away the now-clean laundry. Do at least one more load; more if possible. Trip to Goodwill to get rid of the sheets, now-duplicated-in-DVD videotapes, extra plastic bowls, and other miscellaneous stuff that's been stacking up for months.

Update 11:45: The first load of yesterday's laundry is put away, except the pillowcase (which is awaiting the rest of the set). I think the next load I'm going to pull out all the linens and do them together so I can sort out what's for Goodwill and what stays.

Update 1:45: The laundry load I started this morning is on its second run through the dryer. The next load, all sheets and pillowcases, is in the washer. I'm still planning on a trip to Goodwill, with two boxes of stuff that isn't linens.