November 12th, 2009


Quotes of the day

From NCIS Season Two, "Head Case".

McGee: It'll take a while for the judge to sign off on the injunction.

David: The lawyer drooled over Tony. Why doesn't he just sleep with her?

Dinozzo and McGee: 0_0

David: What?! It's a valid interrogation technique.

Gibbs, deadpan as always: I've done it. [turns and walks away]

David, Dinozzo, and McGee: o_o o_0 0_o 0_0

Director Shephard: That's why you couldn't find her last night, Jethro. She was in the District Attorney's office, cutting a deal.

Gibbs: What kind of deal?

Shephard: Better than she deserves. Do you think it would be inappropriate if I, as Director, went in there and smacked that smile off her face?

Gibbs, grinning: Ah, yeah. That's what you have me for.