October 26th, 2009


Allergy oddities

Dale came up allergic to something last night. I have no idea what, but at some point after I went to bed, he woke me up (a bit) to say, "I'm itchy and my chest feels kind of tight." I vaguely remember saying, "TAKE BENADRYL. NOW." I guess he did, because he's up and at 'em this morning. I was apparently sufficiently aware of this that I woke up periodically through the night to make sure he was still breathing, but not sufficiently aware to actually wake up and ask what the hell was wrong.

I'm very glad this didn't end up with another trip to the ER.


if my last name were Lutz, and if I had children, I would strongly consider avoiding names starting with the letter "K", given that so many email addresses are first-initial+last-name.

Signal boost: help save Dave's house

I have several friends and acquaintances who live in (or used to live in) Middle Tennessee and might know Dave. I don't, personally, but I do know (at least virtually) some of the folks involved in the Save Dave's House community and perceive them as being reliable and trustworthy.

I'm helping to save a guy named Dave's house and land from foreclosure by promoting the Save Dave Online Auction being held on LiveJournal now through November 20, 2009.
Everything ranging from tech support and professional editing to yarn and everything knitted you can imagine. Autographed first editions and TV/movie memorabilia. Want custom or handmade jewelry, or a custom quilt or book bag? Think someone might like original art or photos (or letterpressed biz cards, or custom notecards) for Upcoming Holiday Gifting? What about baked goods People are even auctioning off surprises and taking offers for custom duct tape creations!

People who don't even know this guy Dave have brought the best of themselves to help him stay in his home. Most auctions are ending around Halloween...go check out what's on offer before it's over! And if you can, spread the word about the auction. Thanks!

Also my long-time net-friend kshandra is in a bind in part due to medical expenses.

And my long-time net-acquaintances eleri and her family are having ongoing financial stress, in large part because two of their children have a genetic disorder requiring a lot of care.