July 6th, 2009


A pet peeve

I really dislike "grow" as a transitive verb except for agricultural crops. "She grows corn and wheat" is fine; "we are growing our business" makes my brain itch.

I don't mind it as an intransitive verb. "The business is growing" sounds fine to me.
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And, for what it's worth

I think the word cisgendered is a perfectly reasonable complement to the word transgendered, and I have no objection to being described as such. I also tend to describe myself as "het" or "heterosexual" rather than "straight" (except that I am very fond of my button that says "Straight but not narrow-minded") (or unless I'm borrowing Philip the Foole's terminology, "tragically bi-impaired").

Also, an essay on same. Link via epi_lj.