February 2nd, 2009


This is odd

I'm not sure if I slept poorly last night or if I dreamed I slept poorly. On the other hand, I got up when the alarm went off, rather than hitting snooze three or four times.

Weather and a CEPT request (not for me)

Notwithstanding weather.com, which says we're getting light rain, it has in fact been snowing here in Knoxville since about 10:00 this morning. There is about 1/4" of slush on the parking lot; I haven't looked at the sidewalk or the road, but my manager said they were both clear when she went to get a sandwich for lunch.

There is about 1/2" of snow on my car.

I approve.

Knox and Blount county schools have both shut down for the day, and Blount has already called off for tomorrow. This may have to do with students who live in rural areas where the buses will not be able to go safely.

Tusculum College has canceled evening classes. UT is, of course, open and on a normal schedule, including for evening classes. UT doesn't shut down except for major blizzards.

My IAAP chapter has decided to postpone tonight's business meeting until next week, on the grounds that (a) most of our folks drive far enough that it could be unsafe for them to head home after dark, and (b) the chapter president fell yesterday and broke a bone in her shoulder, so her right side is immobilized.

On that note, good thoughts toward her healing would be appreciated. I don't know if she broke her humerus, her scapula, her collar-bone, or what, but I imagine it hurts a lot.
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