October 17th, 2008


From the department of "HOW DID YOU FIND MY VILLAGE?"

1. "We're coming to UT for the football game tomorrow and need directions for the detour." (referred to http://www.utk.edu/maps )

2. "I'm with the FBI and we're investigating some computer intrusions. One of the servers appears to belong to UT. Can you confirm an IP address, please?" (Transferred to the Information Security Office, because even if I knew, that's too close to social engineering for me to be comfortable answering.)

3. "My friend changed my e-mail to go to my work and now I can't log in to Blackboard." (Suggested she double-check whether her friend changed her password, and then submit a trouble ticket, with repetitions of "The help desk is closed after 5 and I DO NOT KNOW if they monitor tickets after 5 p.m.") [Okay, that one I know how she found my village. But still, people.]